Darren Young

Darren Young

Program Facilitator, Keldar Leadership Associate and Owner of DWHY Coaching
Certified Executive Coach (C.E.C) – Royal Roads University

Specialization: Darren specializes in empowering leaders with the skills, support, and tools required to create a culture of communication, collaboration, and performance. Believing that high-performing people build high-performing companies, he employs his skills in executive coaching and team facilitation to break down barriers to growth for the team and the individual. Darren created DWHY Coaching to help companies foster this culture, both in and out of the office. Going beyond the workplace, he empowers individuals with the skills, support, and tools to create a fulfilling career and financially secure future for themselves and their family. This follows Keldar Leadership’s mission of helping clients align their team member’s actions with their organizations objectives, as Darren helps teams connect their personal objectives to the company’s goals.

Since 2013, Darren has worked in commercial and residential real estate specializing in market intelligence and project management. This experience gave him an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges corporations face when shifting their culture or introducing new and innovative technologies. This has continued to hone his abilities to lead and support teams of all sizes throughout that change.

In 2018, Darren received his Certified Executive Coach (C.E.C) designation from Royal Roads University. His passion for coaching continues to grow after working with leaders in nonprofit, oil and gas, government and small business, to drive change and performance within their lives and their organizations.

Darren was born in Alberta with family all across the world. He enjoys learning new skills, new technologies, and diving into a simple construction project. He loves being active and is not afraid to get hands-on in a project where he can lose himself.

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