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High Performance Leadership: From Control to Empowerment

Mastering Leadership: Transformative Learning for Emerging Leaders through Simulations, Case Studies and Group Discussions.

Employee Challenges

Leadership skills are ones that can be learned.  People are often thrust into leadership positions based on their performance at a previous position however they may not be prepared at all for their new challenge.

Regardless of natural ability, a thorough understanding of the types of leadership and strategies for handling key situations will benefit each person as they take on the new challenges of leading others.

Through simulations, case studies, behaviour modeling, exercises and group discussion, participants learn advanced competencies several critical areas:

8 Modules – delivered in ½ day sessions spread over a period of time

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Module 1 – Principles of Leadership
  • The importance of leadership in achieving long-term organizational success
  • The five myths of leadership
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • The difference between controlling and empowering leadership styles

Module 2 – Practices of Empowering Leaders
  • Empowering leaders have a driving passion to realize their vision
  • Empowering leaders build and sustain trust with their followers
  • Empowering leaders unleash the commitment and motivation of their followers
  • Empowering leaders are social and organizational architects
  • Empowering leaders act from positive beliefs about people and situations
Module 3 – The Five Leadership Roles
  • The three core elements of team effectiveness
  • The five roles of leadership
  • The appropriate balance among the five roles
  • How to lead “from the balcony”
  • How to use a set of diagnostic questions to lead “from the balcony”
Module 4 – Leadership Practices: A Self-Assessment
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Assessing yourself in the five leadership roles
  • Knowing how you are viewed by others in your organization
  • Developing personal improvement plans
Module 5 – Building Meaningful Conversations
  • How you currently use your time
  • The barriers that keep you from managing your time more effectively
  • The difference between the important and the urgent and how to schedule time for the time for the important
  • To set professional goals to guide your use of time
  • A systematic approach to managing daily events
Module 6 – Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
  • The definition of a High Performance team and how it differs from traditional work groups
  • The three elements of High Performance teams
  • Four types of teams
  • The stages of team development
Module 7 – Setting Performance Expectations
  • Learn to confront behaviour that fails to meet your expectations
  • Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building high performance
  • Develop a set of non-negotiables for those whom you lead
  • Practice the skill of harnessing harmful behaviour
  • Apply the skill to back-home situations
Module 8 – Empowering Others For Success
  • The difference between commitment and compliance motivation
  • How leadership changes to create commitment
  • The four principles of empowerment
  • The elements of empowerment
  • A matrix for identifying what people need in order to empowered
  • A dialogue to transfer power to others
  • A model of situational leadership

If you have Mid – Level and Upper Managers that are ready to grow as Leaders and maximize the potential of the teams they are responsible for please contact us at info@keldarleadership.com and we can discuss how this program can help you.

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