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Skills for High Performance Teamwork

Unlocking Team Potential: Developing Leadership Skills for Enhanced Synergy and Smooth Interactions.

Employee Challenges

The shared Leadership Skills of working within a team setting are often taken for granted.  The skills are really like mini-systems that allow team members to move smoothly through their interactions with others.  Proper skill development will allow highly skilled technical team members to create synergy that they might otherwise miss out on.

Learn social and technical skills, including communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and problem solving, that team members need to thrive in a team environment.

There are 8 modules in total

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Module 1 – Interpersonal Communication
  • How people’s perceptions and viewpoints differ
  • The basics of face-to-face communication
  • The difference between one-way and two-way communication
  • To understand the skill of listening
  • To improve active listening skills
Module 2 – Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Learn what feedback is
  • Discover how open or closed you are to giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn to give effective feedback to others
  • Learn how to receive effective feedback from others
  • Practice giving and receiving live feedback from team members
  • Make a personal improvement plan to respond to team feedback
Module 3 – Group Dynamics
  • Learn what group dynamics is
  • Experience and discuss group dynamics in action
  • Learn about group process and shared leadership
  • Determine what you can do personally to improve group process skills
  • Rate your team’s group process
  • Identify how your team will improve its group process
Module 4 – Team Decision Making
  • Discuss barriers to group decision making
  • Learn about methods of group decision making
  • Practice consensus decision making
  • Practice using a group decision-making model
  • Identify how your team will improve its group decision making
  • Review who is responsible for current team decisions
  • Identify team decision issues to be addressed
  • Discuss shifting to ideal team decision-making responsibilities
Module 5 – Team Problem Solving
  • The challenges of group problem solving
  • A working definition of problem solving
  • A model for group problem solving and how to use it
  • How to do creative brainstorming
  • How to use cause and effect diagrams to analyze problems
  • How well your team is set up for effective problem solving
  • The areas of group problem solving in which your team will improve
Module 6 – Conflict Resolution
  • Learn a definition of unhealthy conflict and how to keep from crossing over into it
  • Learn about five different conflict management styles
  • Use a model to help you to choose how to respond to potential conflict situations
  • Assess which conflict styles you most often use
  • Practice a Three-Step-Model for resolving conflicts
  • Decide how you want to modify your conflict style and how you will better handle your current conflicts
Module 7 – Time Management
  • How you are currently using your time
  • The barriers which keep you from managing your time more effectively
  • The difference between the important and the urgent, and how to schedule time for the important
  • To set professional goals to guide your use of time
  • A systematic approach to managing daily events
Module 8 – Making Meetings Matter
  • Characteristics of an effective meeting
  • How efficient and effective your meetings are
  • Guidelines to improve the effectiveness of your meetings
  • How to establish and run a meeting from an agenda
  • A format for meeting minutes
  • The three leadership roles required for successful meetings
  • Discussion skills to improve the quality of team meetings

If you want to have the members of teams throughout your company or organization working better together and utilizing some common skills to improve productivity, contact us at info@keldarleadership.com and we can discuss how this program can help you.

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