360 Feedback Surveys

The CheckPoint 360˚™ System

The CheckPoint 360°™ is a leadership assessment used primarily to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your managers and leaders. This survey compiles a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, and then creates a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. The reports show you how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success.

First, we took the sting out of 360 feedback.

For many leaders, 360s can be a frustrating experience. At best, open-ended comments can be unfocused and unhelpful. At worst, they’re a way to anonymously take a jab at a colleague. And ultimately, they can even derail the learning process.

The purpose of the CheckPoint 360˚™ System is to identify leadership as viewed by certain groups of individuals who know and have had the opportunity to observe the manager in the work setting.  This is accomplished with the collection of ratings from different sets of observers: Self (you), Boss, Direct Reports, and Peers

There are 70 leadership behaviours presented as survey items.  These 70 items are grouped into 18 Skill Sets which further group into 8 Universal Management Competencies.  Each rater reports their experience of observing the manager with a rating on each of the items.

There is an opportunity for the respondents to provide written comments in the survey to expand on their experience with the Manager.  The survey is confidential and the information provided is exceptionally valuable to the Manager in understanding their strengths and areas of development.

And finally, we answered the “Now what?”

With a lot of 360s, the leader’s response can be, “Now what?” Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders answers that question by giving leaders their next steps with the three things they can focus on now—strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness that can be put into action immediately

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