We are extremely satisfied with Keldar Leadership. We have utilized many of Keldar’s systems, including the Everything DiSC Assessments, and most recently the PXT Select Assessment. We have utilized the PXT Select Assessment for several of our open positions and value the insight the assessments provide. Our organization appreciates the hands on helpful approach that the Keldar Leadership team have provided to us over the years. We look forward to continuing to build our processes and teams with Keldar Leadership.

Jessie Kasha Human Resources Coordinator Kneehill County

It’s been 6 months since the Keldar Leadership Everything DiSC webinar and I have seen a huge difference in my business and relationships. The insight was so easy to apply that I have grown meaningful and intentional relationships with colleagues and vendors that have completely shifted the trajectory of my business and of my success! I couldn’t be more grateful. I only wish I had this foundation when I began business!


Our company first purchased the facilitation kit to expedite the delivery of the Everything Disc Workplace workshop. We were comfortable with the quality of the presentation materials and resources provided which had us second-guessing the additional value in investing in the Facilitation workshop. Regardless, I chose to take the training and recognized, early in the workshop, the additional value it provided for me as a facilitator adding to my credibility and knowledge base. Keldar’s in-depth understanding of the content, how to apply it in a variety of circumstances, and Darel’s facilitation style provided a safe environment to explore, challenge assumptions, and integrate key concepts of DiSC that otherwise may be ignored. Personally, I feel more confident in working with our business leaders to explore a needs assessment, then prepare and deliver an engaging workshop tailored to the specific needs of our teams.

Donna Smith Director, Clark Builders University

Darel of Keldar Leadership was a gem in many respects. He was well organized, inquisitive and had the ability to visual the needs and wants of our association. We appreciated the autonomy of the prework and the ability to think on our feet during many of the in-person discussions. Although at times the discussions became fast paced, that required focus and ability to deliver strategically, Darel more than accepted and delivered on the challenge. I highly recommend Darel/Keldar Leadership for all strategic planning initiatives, for any association looking to provide a clear direction.

Allan Bartolcic M.A. Executive Director GFOA Alberta

Working with Keldar has helped us perform better as individuals but more importantly, Keldar has helped us improve how our teams behave and function.

Darrell Haight President and CEO Trace Associates

Our organization was fortunate to partner with Keldar Leadership to strengthen our managerial foundation and our overall mission and goals. Keldar Leadership helped us develop a clear and concise strategic plan that is providing us with the necessary framework to be a leading edge organization. We also invested in the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team program. This helped us better understand and appreciate our fellow team members and deal with challenging situations. Thanks to Keldar Leadership we are a high functioning cohesive team and committed to deliver results!

John Kopeck President and CEO St. Michael’s Health Group

Thank you for the recent Everything Disc sessions you conducted with our team. Since the classes, I have observed a much higher level of understanding and cooperation between our team members. People are communicating more effectively. On a personal note, understanding our particular Group Culture has allowed me to work to each individual’s strengths, resulting in a more productive and efficient team.

Jennifer McCurdy , President and CEO, St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce