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Each workshop takes approximately 3-4 hours to deliver and participants receive a workbook with each session.

Performance Reviews that Really Work

How to prevent appraisals from becoming a waste of time.  Learn what makes a review successful, how to prepare for the review, how to communicate on performance, how to set goals and make commitments, and much more.

Selecting and Retaining Great Staff

The ability of your organization to perform at it’s highest possible level depends on you attracting, selecting and retaining the very best individuals available.

Goal Setting

Using the SMART goal setting system this workshop shows you how to set goals, make effective action plans and chart your course towards success regardless of the type of business you are in.

Team Development Workshop

This workshop can be a ½ day or full day depending on the depth you want to take it.  We cover a number of Team Development models, do some hands on activity, review Personality Styles and then see what all of this means in conjunction with the goals that your organization has stated for the next 12 – 24 months.  You will definitely have some clear actions coming out of this session.