team workshop

Each workshop takes approximately 3-4 hours to deliver and participants receive a workbook with each session.

Time Management: Acting from my Priorities

Proven strategies for raising productivity through the art of time management.  Learn how to organize work space, prioritize work, track work projects, and control time-stealing appointments.

Effective Meetings

Learn how to maximize meeting effectiveness and efficiency using steps for measuring whether a meeting is successful, comprehensive steps for organizing a meeting, and directions for creating and utilizing an agenda and minutes.

Conflict Resolution: Road to Win-Win

Explore conflict resolution techniques like minimizing friction before it turns into a disagreement, approaching conflict situations using five resolution styles, and finding win-win solutions.

Interpersonal Communication

This is a highly interactive workshop that focuses on perceptions, the basics of face to face communication, the difference between one-way and two-way communication, to understand the skill of listening and to improve active listening skill.

Empowering Employees: A Guide for Success

Learn the difference between commitment and compliance motivation. Discover the four principles of empowerment and how to use a matrix to identify what people need in order to be empowered.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

These fine-tuned communication skills can help any business professional work more closely with employees, team members, and supervisors at the office.  Discover how to give effective feedback, receive feedback effectively and implement a personal improvement plan to respond to team feedback.

Team Problem Solving

Whether something has gone wrong and a team based solution is required to get back on track or whether you are taking a good system and making it better, the Team Problem Solving Model will be a valuable tool for all team members. Creative brainstorming, cause and effect diagrams and the understanding of multiple problems solving techniques are all part of this workshop.

Team Decision Making

Why do teams have challenges making good decisions? Often it is because they don’t know how or have not learned the different methods of decision making. This workshop provides you with a variety of methods of making decisions. You will learn a process that will ensure you are taking advantage of team members perspectives and also ensuring buy in for key team decisions.

Setting Performance Expectations

Sometimes behaviours of those who report to you do not meet the expectations set out. This could be in the area of policies and procedures, safety, interpersonal conduct or perhaps just not meeting the minimum standards of their job. When this happens you need to take action to give them an opportunity to make a change in their approach. This workshop gives you the tools to have that difficult conversation.