Gail Barrington-Moss, B. ED

Keldar Leadership Associate and
President and Senior Consultant, 
Point of Balance Management Consulting

Specialization:  Gail specializes in facilitating team development workshops, conducting current state assessments/internal environmental scans, coaching individuals and teams as well as mediating workplace disputes.

Gail’s mission in life is to work with organizations and teams that have the desire and determination to reach their full potential.  She has spent 22 years working in senior leadership roles with the provincial and municipal governments, and has over 10 years’ experience working with the non-profit sector and in academia.  She has led and motivated large numbers of staff in achieving high level results, has planned national and international special events and has worked with the corporate sector developing business partnerships.

Born and raised in the U.K., Gail is a graduate of the University of Alberta.  She is a teacher, facilitator, mediator, leadership coach and entrepreneur.  She has been involved in the arts/cultural sector, health, policing, fire/EMS, social services and recreation and has traveled extensively in Alberta and Canada with her work.  She is recipient of the Alberta Centennial Award (for leadership in the cultural sector) and the United Nationals Women’s Day “Woman of Distinction” Award.

In what spare time she has, Gail is a jewelry designer, sits on three non-profit boards and still dabbles in the performing arts.  With a desire to “live a life fulfilled”, she constantly challenges herself and others to move beyond a safe environment into a world full of fulfilling possibilities.